ESP32 T7S3 MultiFunctionUniversalTurnout


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This is a circuit board that supports a Lily Go T7 S3 (mini32) board to manage multiple model railroad functions as a LCC1 node. This board provides the following functions:

Kit Contents:

Index Quanty Id Description
1 1 J101 Turnout Daughterboard header
2 2 J801 J802 RJ45 connectors
3 1 JP801 Termination header
4 2 P701 P702 Signal Lamps terminal blocks
5 3 T701 T801 T802 Signal Power, LCC Power terminal blocks
6 1 Term401 Drivers terminal block
7 1 Term402 Buttons terminal block
8 1 Term601 Occupancy Detectors terminal block
9 2 U201 TTGO-T7_S3-V1.1 socket headers
10 2 U201 TTGO-T7_S3-V1.1 pin headers
11 2 Nylon Spacers
12 1 Circuit Board

  1. Layout Command Control – see NMRA’s 9.7.x standards, available on the NMRA website↩︎


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