Comming Soon: ESP32 T7S3 MultiFunction Universal Turnout kit

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3D image of the ESP32 T7S3 MultiFunctionUniversalTurnout boardThis is a circuit board that supports a Lily Go T7 S3 (mini32) board to manage multiple model railroad functions as a LCC node. This board provides the following functions:

  • Four turnout motors with point sense. This board uses one of four turnout driver daughter boards:
    1. 3D image of the Stall Motor driver daughter boardStall-motor drivers, suitable for Circuitron Tortoise and similar slow motion, stall motor switch machines.

    2. 3D image of the Twin Coil driver daughter boardTwin-coil drivers, suitable for Atlas or Peco snap action switch machines.

    3. 3D image of the Single Coil Turnout driver daughter boardSingle-coil drivers, suitable for Kato snap action switch machines.

    4. 3D image of the Servo driver daughter boardServo drivers, suitable for using RC control servos to operate turnouts.

  • Four CT coil occupancy detectors.
  • Four driver circuits, suitable for indicator LEDs, decoupling electromagnets, solenoids, relays, etc.
  • Four Schmitt-trigger button inputs.
  • Sixteen signal lamp drivers.

Kit booklet: ESP32-T7S3-MultiFunctionUniversalTurnout

Board design on GitHub and Firmware source code, also on GitHub