8G Steam Train shaped thumb drive


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These drives are a handy way to save photos/images, videos, music, and documents of all sorts. These USB drives have a capacity of 8GB, which is enough room to save:

  • About 1000 photos (5 megapixel).
  • About 2500 MP3 files (about 3 minutes each).
  • About 4-8 hours of video: about 2-5 full length movies or about 4-8 hour long TV shows.
  • Or thousands of documents of all sorts.

Use one (or more!) of these to save your important information. They can also be used to transport photos, MP3s, videos, or documents from one computer to another.

Comes pre-loaded with the current release of the Model Railroad System and a snapshot of the Model Railroad Circuits GitHub repository.

Comming soon! A fresh batch of these very popular thumb drives are on their way. And the new ones will have a capacity of 32Gig.

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